Window Washing

Property managers, hotel executive housekeepers, building owners, developers, general contractors and project managers rely on Corporate Cleaning Services to keep their buildings and windows looking great. Our many long-term client relationships have been built through the company’s reliability, attention to detail, responsiveness, extra effort, focus on safety, quality assurance and follow-through on projects that range in scope and size. The company utilizes a variety of window cleaning methods and equipment to meet our client’s needs, including Custom Scaffold; Genie “Bosun’s Chair”; Industrial Rope Access (IRA); Hi-lift; House Rigs; Ladder; Pole; Rolling Stage and Scaffolds. To fit each client’s scheduling needs, interior and exterior window cleaning services can be provided year-round seven days a week.

Spider Abatement

We are state approved. In order to acquire insurance for applying insecticide a company must be licensed. Corporate Cleaning Services has the license and insurance necessary to perform this service.

State-of-the-art Equipment

Corporate Cleaning Services has within its inventory lifts with state-of-the-art features to better serve your needs. The lifts are designed to have the most innovative safety features. They also have the ability to reach high areas and narrow crevices.

Screen Handling

As an experienced window washing company we have come to encounter all kinds of screen situations. We include the handling of your screens, so long as they are maneuverable from the exterior with the wash. We do notify you, however, whenever screens must be removed from the inside in order to avoid damaging the screens. We also can provide service of screen removal and cleaning at an additional cost.

Ice Removal

We work year-round on windows, and we also can assist with the removal of ice from the building facade. Icicles can be particularly dangerous and pose a serious liability for buildings. The danger is not limited to high rises. Many of our clients have opted for us to come in on an emergency basis to conduct ice removal prior to rush hour pedestrian traffic. This helps the building minimize exposure to cold weather accidents of this nature.

Remedial Caulking

We attempt to provide cost-efficient solutions for other scopes of work, including remedial caulking. Since we have the ability to rappel ourselves on the sides of the building and place ourselves in front of the windows or areas that may need caulking, you may find us to be a more accessible solution when in need of remedial caulking.

Additional Services

Awning Cleaning⁧

First impressions matter. That’s why Corporate Cleaning Services can perform awning pressure washing as well as implement a maintenance program and waterproofing program to protect your awnings from the elements. Corporate Cleaning Services has the expertise, equipment and staff to ensure the best first impression for your building.

High Dusting

There are areas that are simply hard to reach. Corporate Cleaning Services is able to offer an access solution to cleaning those areas. We offer high-dusting service that ensures the utmost care for your surrounding items to ensure the integrity of areas that surround the debris.

Holiday Decoration Installation and Removal

To better serve our client needs, you can call us for the installation and removal of your holiday decorations. We have one of the largest and most dependable expert installation teams available with the same great service that Corporate Cleaning Services has come to be known for.